Guns n Roses tab book

Whether it be the guitar, piano or any other instrument you play, nothing is quite as exciting as replicating your favourite musicians.

A music book will help you do this. whether it be in standard musical notation, guitar tab, or even just chord patterns, you will be able to easily master your favourite songs at a comfortable pace.

To search for music books, sheet music or even digital sheet music, simply enter the search term in the above box and we will return the results fo you. Buying music could really never be simpler.

Guns n Roses tab book

Many people are put off learning a muscial instrument because of the fear of having to learn the new language that is musical notation.

We offer many books that can help you achieve this but if you are looking at playing the guitar then there is a far easier solution that you can learn within seconds.

Guitar tab consists of 6 lines that represent the guitar strings. When a note is played a number appears on the relevant string. This is representing the fret you need to press. It really is as simple as that!

Posted by Someone on October 11, 2008