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Cheap BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer

BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer



The BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer is a compact, innovative preamp and module, designed for singer/songwriters who play guitar in mind. The unit provides you with all you need to produce studio-quality vocal and guitar processing, including added effects such as real-time harmonics and looping functions. With its wide range of parameters and functions plus its portable size, the VE-8 is the ideal solution for acoustic guitar players and singers who wish to add a new layer of creativity to their performance.

Compact Preamp and Module Solution

The VE-8 Acoustic Singer has been designed with the singer/songwriter in mind, allowing you to add a new layer of depth to your performances with its range of effects and studio-quality vocal processing. This compact module provides you with a range of different controls and functions that allow you to process your vocals and guitar. Articulate and rich BOSS sound processing helps to bring the best out of your vocals and guitar sound providing you with with simple yet intuitive controls that let you affect everything from Acoustic Resonance on the guitar to enhancing vocals or adding Reverb. You can also save settings and setups thanks to the 50 memory locations, which can be instantly recalled at any time

Vocals And Guitar Processing

The VE-8 provides you with a range of controls and functions that let your process and affect your guitar and vocal signals. For vocals you simply have to plug a microphone into the integrated XLR input and dial in the effects you desire. Everything from subtle ambience that adds a new layer of depth to vocal performances to more aggressive electronic effects such as as distortion or radio voice tones for added versatility. The studio-quality vocal processing produces exceptional audio quality while retaining the nuances of the original sound. Chromatic pitch correction has also bee included for live vocal tuning. The dedicated guitar channels offers a range of parameters and effects such as acoustic resonance, reverb, chorus, phase invert and more. One of the most unique effects - Acoustic Resonance - works to restore your natural sound, combating against unwanted sound, typically associated with undersaddle pickups used in electro acoustics. For added convenience the unit features a built-in tuner, making the VE-8 an all-in-one performance solution. The phase switch and notch filter also help to eliminate any feedback issues within an instant.

Harmony and Loop Controls

One of the most unique features of the VE-8 is the ability to record and control loops as well as vocal harmonies. The custom-designed looper within the VE-8 allows you to lay down everything from percussive rhythms to chord progressions and vocal runs. The looper works by using the dedicated footswitch to record and stop the loop function. You can select to loop your guitar or voice individually or both via the the panel buttons, or with an optional footswitch. As well as being able to use loops, the VE-8 also gives you the ability to produce natural vocal harmonies, for added performance value. The harmony function features three different modes: Automatic, Hybrid and Fixed. Each of these modes provides you with different settings for generating vocal harmonies. The automatic harmony function detects the key your playing in and produces the correct harmony whilst you sing, for quick and easy harmonic vocal runs. Hybrid and Fixed harmony modes provide you with different settings for added versatility, suitable for a range of performing and recording applications. Additionally, there is a vocal doubling effect which delivers increased presence to your voice.


The VE-8 features a range of inputs and outputs that lets you get the most out of the unit. The rear panel features a guitar instrument input, plus an XLR mic input with switchable phantom power for condenser microphones. Additionally there is an AUX input allowing you to connect a smartphone or other device to the unit to play backing music Stereo XLR balanced outputs have also been provided allowing you to directly feed the VE-8 to a house PA. There is also stereo 1/4'' outputs that let you send a separate signal to stage monitors or an amplifier. The guitar and vocal channels also feature a three-band EQ that lets you sculpt and shape your tone to suit your style and sound. The VE-8 also features a direct recording interface that works via USB and can be connected to your favourite digital audio workstation software.

The VE-8 makes it easy to get professional, studio-level vocal sounds right away. Just plug your mic into the XLR input and dial up some nice ambience, add clarity and control with the Enhance feature, and more. You can even call up hard-tuned electronic voice sounds, distortion, and radio voice tones to bring some modern edge to your acoustic performances.


  • Compact, all-in-one preamp and effects solution for singers who play acoustic guitar
  • Dial in rich, sophisticated BOSS sound processing with simple, intuitive controls
  • Studio-quality vocal processing includes four types of ambience effects plus Enhance, chromatic pitch correction for live vocal tuning, and more
  • Create natural vocal harmonies in real time based on guitar input or manual key settings
  • Also includes a vocal doubling effect, plus more dramatic processing like hard-tuned electronic voices, distortion, and a radio voice effect
  • Dedicated guitar channel includes Acoustic Resonance, reverb, chorus, tuner, and various effects, plus phase invert and notch filter for feedback control
  • Looper function with 80 seconds of recording time and the ability to loop guitar and vocals independently
  • Memory mode for storing and recalling 50 favorite settings
  • Flexible connections for integrating with a main PA and stage monitors, plus USB for computer recording
  • Runs on six AA batteries or included AC adapter

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