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Cheap Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System

Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System



The Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System is based on the same concept and features as the flagship ES-8. However the new ES5 has been pared down to offer more practical and essential functions for todays discerning guitarists and bassists. Featuring programmable switching with five loops, analog circuit design, unprecedented routing flexibility and external control parameters, the Boss ES5 means your standard pedal board and stompboxes will never be the same again. Open the door to a whole new world of musical expression, performance versatility and creative freedom.

Small yet Powerful and Versatile

The ES-5 is a powerful effects switching system that provides you with complete control over your pedal board. To start, simply connect your pedals to the ES-5's audio loops, and then activate the loops as needed. The on/off state of each loop and many other parameters can be saved in a patch, allowing you to instantly change sounds without dancing around to press switches on individual pedals. Providing you with versatile routing options, real-time control options, MIDI, and more all in a space-saving unit, the Boss ES-5 is a remarkable improvement for controlling the effects that directly bring your creative ideas to life.

Unprecedented Routing Flexibility

One of the key features of this switching system is its innovative routing possibilities, providing you with the ability to rearrange the order of a chain of stompbox effects. Ideal for achieving unique sounds and experimenting with your setup, the flexibility allows you to access a wide array of effect combinations. In addition, the ES-5's parallel chain function increases the effect combination options further, thereby expanding the final sound variation capability massively. What's more, all of these programmed configurations can be saved for instant access during a live performance.

Comprehensive Connectivity

In addition to the five effect loops on board, the Boss ES-5 features two TRS control output jacks and a TRS control/expression input jack. MIDI capability is also included which is ideal for seamlessly integrating MIDI-controlled stomp effects.

Pure and Crystal Clear Tone

The ES-5 not only focuses on functionality, particular attention is given to the sound quality - guaranteeing to prevent any sound deterioration and ensuring your tone is kept pure and free of noise. These results are accomplished by utilising carefully designed analog circuitry developed with the know-how, experience and design expertise of the Boss engineering team.

Stage Ready

The ES-5 Effects Switching System is more than just a smartly designed tool for the creation of incredible sounds, it's also an ingenious piece of hardware that is the perfect addition to any pedal board. Built with durable mechanical functions in a roadworthy design, the Boss ES-5 combines technical innovations with useful conveniences. Memory capability of 200 patches, a large display with extensive naming capacity and robust footswitches with full assignability are just a few of the features that makes this system the choice of professionals worldwide.


  • Programmable switching system with five loops
  • Analog circuit design ensure a pure and pristine tone
  • Unprecedented routing flexibility with the ability to change the routing order and create a parallel effect chain
  • External control parameters such as delay time can be saved for each patch
  • Buffers can be turned on/off individually for the input and output and stored in each patch; level variability for output buffer
  • Highly reliable footswitches with switch-noise mute capability
  • Backlit LCD display shows detailed information at a glance
  • Completely customisable pedal function assignments
  • Professional practicality and creativity in a compact and versatile body

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