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Cheap Boss Katana Guitar Amp Head

Boss Katana Guitar Amp Head



The Boss Katana Guitar Amp Head offers 100 watts of power and can be combined with 8 ohm and 16 ohm cabs. Also featuring an internal monitor speaker for tone preview, the Katana is perfect for musicians who play on stage, but also want to practice at home. With both MIDI and USB ports, as well as a variety of outputs, the amp head can be integrated into your rigs or recording equipment/software, allowing you to easily and quickly set up the amp for playing. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative functions, the Katana Guitar Amp Head provides sharply defined rock tones with a rich commanding presence, perfect for any guitarist wanting to enhance their playing.

The Katana Series

The Katana Series of amps from Roland’s Boss division embodies their pursuit of finding the ultimate rock sound, calling upon years of research and design to deliver redefined rock tones. Built using traditional craftsmanship with new and innovative designs, the Katana amps offer class-defying tones with an excellent touch response and presence. Taking inspiration from the Japanese sword of the same name, the amps provide a smooth, cutting tone perfect for gigging musicians, as well as for use in recording and practising.

Choose from Five Unique Amp Characters

The Katana Series features a selection of five original and unique amp characters, offering a range of tones from organic, vintage tones to modern, high-gain sounds. When set to clean, the Katana produces a beautifully natural and transparent tone, producing the raw sound of your guitar or pedals. Crunch will produce a satisfying grit and response tone, while Lead offers a wide gain range that suits many musical styles. The Brown amp character comes from Boss’ Waza amp series, producing refined, high-gain tones. The acoustic mode enhances the Katana’s versatility, allowing an electro acoustic to be plugged in, optimising its tone to create an amazing sound.

Innovative Controls and Built-In Boss Effects

The amp head features a range of built-in boss effects that can be customised though the free Boss tone studio editor software. With 55 customisable effects to choose from, and the ability to load and keep 15 effects on board at one time, the Katana can use three effects at once to offer a range of tonal possibilities. A selection of powerful controls and tone settings can be used to shape the amp’s sound, with the ability to store and recall your favourite amp and effect settings.

Traditional Craftsmanship and Breakthrough Functions

Pooling their years of research and design into the Katana amp head, Boss has combined the use of traditional craftsmanship with innovative and breakthrough functions to create an incredibly powerful amplifier. Featuring a proprietary circuit design, meticulous tuning, and an innovative power control, the Katana can achieve cranked up tones while being at low volume, perfect for gigs and practising at home.

Incredible Connect Functionality

The Katana amp head can be connected with any 8 or 16 ohm cab, such as Boss’ Waza Cab 412. The line out can be used to send a simultaneous direct feed to your PA or recording equipment, providing authentic mic’s up tones with excellent power, fullness and dynamics without the need of a mic. The head also lets you send mix-ready sound to your computer's recording software via USB. Also featuring MIDI capabilities and an effect loop, the Katana head can be integrated into any MIDI device and external effects.


  • 100-watt Amp Head with an internal Speaker Make It Perfect for Stage and Practice
  • Features Five Unique Amp Characters: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown and Acoustic
  • 55 Customisable Effects with the Free Boss Tone Studio Editor Software
  • Store Up to 15 Different Effects on Board, Ready to Be Called Upon When Needed
  • Dedicated Gain, EQ, Presence, and Effects Controls for Quick Adjustments to The Amp’s Sound
  • Four Memory Banks for Storing and Recalling All Your Amp and Effect Settings
  • Power Control for Achieving Cranked-Amp Tone and Dynamic Response at Low Volumes
  • Line Out and USB Jacks Provide Direct Mix-Ready Tones
  • MIDI in Connector for Integrating into an Advanced Rig



  • Power Output:
    • 30 W (Using Internal Speaker)
    • 100 W (Using External Speaker)
  • Nominal Input Level:
    • Input: -10 dBu (1 M ohm)
    • Aux in: -10 dBu (20 k ohms)
    • Return in: -10 dBu (100 k ohms)
  • Speaker: 1 x 5 inches (12cm)
  • Power Consumption: 77 W


  • Main Controls: Power, Master, Presence, Power Control Switch (Standby, 0.5 W, 50 W, 100 W)
  • Amplifier:
    • Amp Type Switch: Acoustic, Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown
    • Controls: Gain, Volume
  • Equalizer: Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Multi Effect: Booster/Mod, Delay/FX, Reverb, Tap
  • Tone Setting: CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4 Panel button


  • Acoustic
  • Clean
  • Crunch
  • Lead
  • Brown
  • Booster/Mod
  • Delay/FX
  • Reverb
  • Tap
  • Ch1
  • Ch2
  • Ch3
  • Ch4
  • Panel


  • Input Jack: 1/4-Inch Phone Type
  • Aux in Jack: Stereo Miniature Phone Type
  • Rec Out/Phones Jack: Stereo 1/4-Inch Phone Type
  • Send Jack: 1/4-Inch Phono Type
  • Return Jack: 1/4-Inch Phono Type
  • Line Out Jack: 1/4-Inch Phono Type
  • Speaker Out Jack: 1/4-Inch Phone Type
  • Exp Pedal/Ctl Ch1/Ch2 Jack: 1/4-Inch TRS Phone Type
  • GA-FC Jack: 1/4-Inch TRS Phone Jack
  • USB Port: USB B Type
  • MIDI in Connector
  • AC in Jack


  • Width: 18-9/16” (470mm)
  • Depth: 9” (228mm)
  • Height: 8-1/2” (215mm)
  • Weight: 8.8kg


  • Owner's Manual
  • Power Cord
  • GA-FC Sticker

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