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Broadside Ballads

Melody Line, Lyrics & Chords


Comic, sentimental, political or just plain lewd, the Broadside Ballads that flooded England between the time of Byrd and Purcell constitute one of the richest veins in our musical culture. These wer the pop songs of their day, distributed up and down the land, and they offer us a glimpse into the lives, attitudes and sexual mores of ordinary people. Their subjects range from The Great Fire and The Gunpowder Plot to fumbling husbands, royal gossip and the latest 'outrageous' fashions!The ballads in this volume have once more been re-attached to their original melodies - including simple chord suggestions based upon historical modes. Singers will find a treasure trove of some of the most delightful tunes England has ever produced. Explanatory notes place each ballad in its historical context, exploring sources and the meanings of obscure words. A host of enchanting woodcuts, taken from original broadsheets, illustrates throughout. Also included is a performance-ready edition of The Cheaters Cheated, a raucous musical entertainment - or Jigge - for a cast of four singers/actors which shares many characteristics of the broadside ballad.Forward by Andrew Motion


The Three Ravens
Harvest Home
Oyster Nan
The Saint Turn'd Sinner
Seldom Cleanly
The Seven Merry Wives Of London
Shameless Joan / The Old Woman Of Finsbury
The Sighted Maid / The Pinig Lover
An Old Song On The Spanish Armada
A Ballad Of The Stange And Wonderful Storm Of Hail
A Ballad Upon Tobacco
The Trader's Medley / The Cries Of London
The Trooper Watering His Nag
True Love Requited / The Bayliff's Daughter Of Islington
The Vindication Of Top-Knots And Commodes
When Cannons Are Roaring
The Wiltshire Wedding
The Winchester Wedding
Would Ye Have A Young Virgin
You Lasses And Lads
Jigg - The Cheaters Cheated
Drive The Cold Winter Away
The Baffled Knight
The Beehive
The Bonnie Grey-Eyed Morn / The Jockey Roused With Love
A Caveat For Cutpurses
The Country Lass
The Countryman's Joy
Courage Crowned With Conquest
The Courtiers Health / The Merry Boys Of The Times
The Courteous Carman And The Amorous Maid
The Crafty Maid / The Batchellour Outwitted
The Crost Couple / A Good Misfortune
Cupids Courtisie / The Young Gallant Foil'd At His Own Weapon
Custard Eaters, A Warning To All
Diddle Diddle / The Kind Country Lovers
The Doleful Dance And Song Of Death
The Downfall Of Dancing / The Overthrow Of Three Fidlers
The Dumpling Woman's Delight
England's Great Prognosticator
The Fair Maid Of Islington / The London Vintner Over-Reach'd
The Famous Ratcatcher With His Travels
The Female Captain / The Counterfit Bridegroom
The Gelding Of The Devil
Good Advice To Batchelors
The Great Boobee
Gunpowder Plot
Hey, Then Up We Go
The Husband That Met His Match
The Irish Jigg / The Night Ramble
Jockey's Lamentation / Over The Hills And Far Away
The Jolly Miller / The Old Wife
The Jolly Tradesmen
The Joviall Broome Man
The Joviall Lass / Doll And Roger
The Lancashire Cuckold
London Mourning In Ashes
Lumps Of Pudding
The Lunatick Lover
The Maid's Complaint For Want Of A Dil Doul
A Merry Jest Of John Thompson And Jakaman His Wife
Modesty Amazed / The Dorsetshire Damosel Importunate With Her Mother
A Delightful Ditty Of Mother Watkin's Ale
My Dog And I
Neptune's Raging Fury / The Gallant Seaman's Sufferings
The North Country Lovers
The Northern Lasses Lamentation / The Unhappy Maid's Misfortune
Old England Grown New
The Old Woman's Legacy To Her Cat