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Cheap Gibson Explorer 2008 Model, Ebony 

Gibson Explorer 2008 Model, Ebony 

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Gibson Explorer 2008 Model, Ebony

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With its angular, asymmetrical body and pointed headstock, the legendary Gibson Explorer was light years ahead of its time when it was first introduced in 1958. In fact, the Explorer was such a radical departure that Gibson produced only about 100 of the famed instruments?many of which are now highly prized collectibles selling for upwards of half a million dollars. Today, the same far-out, futuristic Gibson Explorer?reintroduced in the mid-1970s?is one of the most coveted powerhouses of screaming rock and roll.

Nitrocellulose Finish Applying a nitrocellulose finish to any Gibson guitar?including the Explorer ?is one of the most labor-intensive elements of the guitar-making process. A properly applied nitro finish requires extensive man hours, several evenly applied coats, and an exorbitant amount of drying time. But this fact has never swayed Gibson into changing this time-tested method, employed ever since the first guitar was swathed with lacquer back in 1894. Why? For starters, a nitro finish dries to a much thinner coat than a polyurethane finish, which means there is less interference with the natural vibration of the instrument, allowing for a purer tone. A nitro finish is also a softer finish, which makes it easily repairable. You can touch up a scratch or ding on a nitro finish, but you can?t do the same on a poly finish. In addition, a nitro finish is very porous in nature, and actually gets thinner over time. It does not ?seal? wood in an airtight shell?as a poly finish does?and allows the wood to breathe and age properly.

  • Body Body Style Explorer
  • Body Species Mahogany

  • Hardware Plating Finish Chrome

  • Tailpiece Gibson Stop Bar
  • Bridge Gibson Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners Mini Grovers

  • Electronics Neck Pickup 496R

  • Bridge Pickup 500T
  • Pickup Covers No
  • Controls 2 Volume - 1 Tone - 3-Way Toggle
  • Control Knobs Black Speed
  • Control Pocket Cover Black Plastic