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Cheap Ibanez AEG8E Acoustic Guitar, Black 

Ibanez AEG8E Acoustic Guitar, Black 

Electro Acoustic Guitars


The compact body of the Ibanez AEG8EBK makes it easier for live performers to move about on stage, allowing true mobility for the active musician.

More Details:

Acoustic guitars are being used more and more in modern rock music. It might be just for an intro, or it may form the backbone of an entire tune, but make no mistake; the acoustic guitar is making its presence felt more than ever before. The compact body found on the Ibanez AEG8EBK series guitars provides clear separation for each string that makes it possible to hear each note, even through a crowded mix.

Ibanez AEG8EBK main features include:

Top: Spruce Back & sides: Agathis Neck: Mahogany Pickup: Ibanez Under Saddle Pickup Preamp: Ibanez SPT Preamp Tuning machine: Ibanez Smooth Tuner AS Nut & saddles: Ibanez Ivorex II Bridge pins: Ibanez Advantage Bridge Pins Strap button: Ibanez Strap Button for Acoustic Guitars Fretboard: Rosewood