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Cheap Junior 5 Piece Drum KitWR

Junior 5 Piece Drum KitWR

Acoustic Drum Kits


Great quality drum kit for the junior player. Ideal for learning to play the drums from an early age. Suitable from 5yrs to 10yrs old Colour: WINE RED Availble exclusively from Gear4music at this great price!

The Lowdown:

The drum kit includes:

Snare Drum (12" x 4")
Tom 1 (10" x 7")
Tom 2 (11" x 7")
Tom 3 (13" x 10")
Kick Drum with pedal (16" x 11")
14" Cymbal with robust stand
10" Hi-Hats with quality stand and pedal
Height adjustable Drum stool
Set of drum sticks

Supplied in a robust cardboard box with straightforward setup instructions.

Brand: Gear4music

Colour: WINE RED

A Revolution in low-priced, high-quality musical instruments
After evaluating many Far Eastern manufacturers, we at Gear4music have teamed up with the best of them to produce our own range of affordable musical instruments. Today, you'll find drum kits, acoustic and electric guitars, woodwind, brass and string instruments for sale under the Gear4music brand name, and all at incredibly low prices. But the impressive-looking prices aren't the end of the story - we pride ourselves on the fact that our instruments are made to decent, playable standards. We offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on all our Gear4music products, because to put it simply, we think that if you try out these instruments, you won't be disappointed.