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Mozart for Electric Guitar

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This edition features new electric guitar transcriptions compiled from the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The collection includes 11 pieces including "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525 I," "Rondo alla Turka K331 III," "Sonata K545 I," and "Symphony #40 K550 I." As with other editions in this series, these transcriptions are intended to be performed with a pick — employing string-skipping, alternate, hybrid, and sweep-skipping techniques. The selections have been performed in a variety of settings from accompanied solos to a sextet. Companion audio downloads are available that features all eleven pieces as well as bonus tracks to the multi guitar selections with the first guitar absent to allow practice/performance with the audio. The book is divided into two sections, the first of which includes music for solos, duets and parts for larger ensemble transcriptions. The second section features full scores, canon solutions and the piano accompaniment score to the Turkish Rondo. Written in notation and tablature. Free audio downloads are available for use with this title.


Rondo ‘Alla Turka’ K331 III
Contredanse K15 I
Alleluia K553
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525 I
Sonata K545 I
Contredanse En Rondeau K15gg
Symphony No. 40 K550 I
Six Part Canon K347
Minuet K le
Bona Nox K561
Rondo ‘Alla Turka’ (Piano Score)
Klavierstuck K33B
Symphony No. 40
Six Part Canon
Bona Nox
Rondo ‘Alla Turka’ (Performance Track)
Contredanse (Performance Track)
Alleluia (Performance Track)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (Performance Track)
Sonata (Performance Track)
Contredanse En Rondeau (Performance Track)
Symphony No. 40 (Performance Track)
Six Part Canon
Minuet In G (K1) (Performance Track)
Klavierstuck (Performance Track)
Bona Nox (Performance Track)
Turkish Rondo ‘Piano’ (Play-Along Track)
Alleluia ‘Minus Part 2’ (Play-Along Track)
Sonata ‘Minus Electric Guitar’ (Play-Along Track)
Symphony No. 40 ‘Minus Guitar 1’ (Play-Along Track)
Six Part Canon ‘Minus Part 2’ (Play-Along Track)
Klavierstuck ‘Minus Guitar 1’ (Play-Along Track)
Bona Nox ‘Minus Part 2’ (Play-Along Track)
Symphony No. 4 Electronic (Play-Along Track)