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Cheap Pearl Rhythm Traveler RT705HCC, Pure White

Pearl Rhythm Traveler RT705HCC, Pure White

Acoustic Drum Kits


Pearl Rhythm Traveler RT705HCC, Pure White - The Rhythm Traveler, Pearl's ground-breaking practice/gig kit, inlcudes a pair of 14" hi-hat and 16" ride cymbal for live playing! Easy to transport and easy to practice without disturbing the neighbours. Rubber cymbal mufflers are also provided for near-silent practicing.

More Details:
  • New Lugs
  • New Hardware
  • Includes ProTone Heads
  • New Cymbal Pads are included


  • 20" x 8 Bass Drum
  • 10" x 5" / 12"x5" / 14"x5" Tom Toms
  • 13" x 5" Wood Snare Drum
  • Mesh Heads
  • Protone Heads


  • CX216 / 16" Crash Ride
  • CX213 / 13" Hi-Hat (x2)

Cymbal Pads

  • RP-CP (x2) for Ride and Hi-Hat Cymbals,
  • Plastic Cymbals: RP-13PRC (for Ride), RP-13PHH (for Hi-Hat),


  • TH-60 (x2) Tom Holder
  • TH-60S Tom Holder
  • ADT-2 Adapter
  • C-62W Cymbal Stand
  • P-62 Drum Pedal
  • H-62W Hi-Hat Stand
  • S-62W Snare Stand