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Ragtime Guitar

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Be the entertainer with this fun set of ragtime standards arranged for the solo guitar by Allan Jaffe. Includes Rags of all kinds and a complete guide to performing these highly characteristic pieces. You can even hear the tunes before you play, using the accompanying CD of demonstration tracks.


The Entertainer [Joplin, Scott]
Heliotrope Bouquet [Joplin, Scott] [Chauvin, Louis]
Maple Leaf Rag [Joplin, Scott]
Ragtime Nightingale [Lamb, Joseph Francis]
American Beauty Rag [Lamb, Joseph]
Grace And Beauty [Scott, James]
Sunburst Rag [Scott, James]
Al's Slow Rag [Jaffe, Allan]
Barber Pole Rag [Johnson, Charles]
Frog Legs Rag [Scott, James]
Top Liner Rag [Lamb, Joseph]
Delta Rag [Jaffe, Allan]
Dill Pickles [Johnson, Charles]
Joplin Rag [Jaffe, Allan]