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Cheap Steinberg HALion 5 VST Instrument

Steinberg HALion 5 VST Instrument

Music Software


HALion 5 is a powerfully inspiring VST sampler and sound design instrument, at the heart of modern sound creation and production environments.

Extend the boundaries of your virtual sampling and sound design. New instruments and sound sources, a granular synth engine, new effects, a slicing mode and much more make HALion 5 an indispensable tool for pro musicians, producers and sound designers.

New Features

New for HALion 5 are two new sound engines, adding more options to your creative toolkit. There's a new granular synthesis engine which will turn your samples into new textures, a whole new sonic palette. The new tone wheel organ simulation offers the sound of classic drawbar organs.

Slice and reconfigure your audio with the new slicing mode, an essential producing tool. Remold any sample to fit with a beat or track. Flexible and easy to use, the HALion 5 slicing mode uses first-rate algorithms that keep your sliced material sounding great.

The FlexPhraser now includes a user mode that opens up loads of new sonic horizons. Create your own patterns and phrases with phrase editor, set velocity and pitch for sounds whilst harnessing the additional power of two controller lanes. Import existing MIDI files and export them to Cubase for further editing.

Two new MIDI modules give you exciting tools to build and play arrangements and drum tracks directly. Load up to 8 MIDI files in dedicated slots to be edited or triggered remotely with the Trigger Pad feature. HALion 5 include 8 stunning new instruments with over 1000 new sounds and presets to fuel your creativity in new ways. There are also 9 new effects including Wah Wah, VST Amp, Auto Filter and Ring Modulator.

Why Choose HALion 5?

Producers, composers and studio musicians alike will revel in the sheer number of effects and instruments in the sound library. Nomatter what style you're into, the range to choose from includes everything from ultra-realistic acoustic drum kits to the latest electronic beats. HALion 5 gives live musicians the opportunity to tweak sounds on stage ever faster than before, and create song chains by switching Multis. It's the all-in-one answer to performers searching for sonic freedom.

MegaTrig will enable you to create advanced instrument articulations and innovative sounds, real DIY sound programming. Experiment with the HALion 5 Quick Controls, giving you instant access to you most important settings. They can be set up individually for every program, layer and FX settings, giving you direct access at all times.

Integrates with Cubase

HALion 5 integrates perfectly with Cubase, just insert the VST workstation as a VST instrument or Instrument Track. The MediaBay integration makes finding and working with presets fast and simple.

Also supported is VST Expression 2 and multi-core support, efficient sample compression technology and RAM Save Mode.

Please note: Customers who have activated HALion 4 since May 15 2013 are entitled to a free grace period update to HALion 4. A USB e-Licenser is not included with this product.

Features / Specifications

Minimum System Requirements

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 17 GB of free HD space
  • Display resolution of 1208 x 800 recommended
  • DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
  • USB port for USB e-Licenser
  • USB Licenser (not included)
  • Internet connection required for installation, activation, account set-up and registration

Mac OS X:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.7/10.8
  • Intel Dual Core CPU
  • Core Audio compatible audio hardware
  • VST 3 or AU compatible host application for using a plug-in


  • Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Intel dual core CPU
  • Windows compatible audio hardware
  • VST 3 or VST 2 compatible host application for using as a plugin