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Cheap Steinberg WaveLab 8 Update from WaveLab 7

Steinberg WaveLab 8 Update from WaveLab 7

Music Software


The first choice for mastering engineers, musicians and hobby producers alike, WaveLab 8 takes audio to perfection with a new speaker management system, EBC compliant loudness processing and a selection of mastering-grade plug-ins. This is the update for people who already have WaveLab 7 and wish to upgrade to WaveLab 8.

WaveLab 8 comes with an integrated speaker management system, allowing you to switch between up to eight speaker setups for playback and record monitoring, including individual gain control for each output.

The loudness war is over and dynamic sound is getting widespread - that's why WaveLab 8 features a full-fledged EBU R128-compliant loudness metering and processing solution. WaveLab also contains a zoomable loudness view that visualizes all values as a clear graph.

WaveLab 8 introduces a plug-in chain window that hosts all inserted clip, track or master plug-ins in one single area. Now you can switch between different plug-ins with a single click. Also new in version 8 is the completely redesigned plug-in organization. The newly introduced plug-in settings dialog allows you to group and sort plug-ins by vendor, category and favourites, making it easy to manage your ever growing number of plug-ins.

Audio editing is made faster and more convenient with WaveLab8. One example is the time-saving Raise Selection function that allows you to adjust the level of individual clip regions in an instant. Plus, several new trim and split options have been added to the framework of the new Auto-Split function. What's more, you can now process selected regions of your audio file using e.g. a plug-in chain with just a single command, making comparisons between different editings a straightforward matter. And the new auto-replay option automatically re-triggers the playback right after your edit.

Features and Specifications

To view further information about WaveLab8, please download the product guide PDF from the link below.

System Requirements

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free HD space
  • Display resolution of 1024 x 768 recommended
  • DVD-ROM drive required for installation
  • USB port
  • Internet connection required for activation
  • Mac:
    • Mac OC X Version 10.8
    • Intel dual core CPU
    • CoreAudio compatible hardware
  • Windows:
    • Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Intel or AMD dual core CPU
    • Windows compatible audio hardware