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Cheap Zoom G7.1ut Guitar Effects Console USB

Zoom G7.1ut Guitar Effects Console USB

Guitar Effects Pedals


Bringing together the newest in DSP modeling plus tube circuitry in a brand new multi-effects console, Zoom is introducing the G7.1ut. With Zoom's brand new 32-bit ZFX-3 chip, the G7.1ut guarantees outstanding performance, world's fastest patch changes, and smooth and detailed processing.

The Lowdown:

The G7.1ut features a 96kHz sampling rate and 24-bit A/D/A conversion, assuring the highest resolution of sound quality available today. An abundance of signal processing power allows accurate recreation of the complex upper-range harmonics that are the hallmark of tube amplifiers. Analog circuitry using a 12AX7 tube then adds classic warmth and sonic impact to the DSP sound. The result combines the best of the digital and analog worlds: distortion so advanced and sophisticated it takes guitar playing to the next level.

Giving body to the guitar sound and adding power and intensity, the tube driven Energizer circuit produces warm crunch with rich harmonics. It allows for powerful tone, live or when recording direct.

The preamp section comprised of the amp/drive-modeling, and EQ modules offers two channels per patch. Easily select a channel by simple foot switch operation. The user interface with analog knobs allows the sound to be shaped with the same facility as on a guitar amp. The modeling blocks have two dedicated algorithms for each for live playing and direct recording. Easily use the same guitar sound during practice or recording or on stage.

The G7.1ut features a USB port, which allows the unit to function as an audio interface for a computer. Simply plug the unit in to a computer with a USB cable to use the G7.1ut in a computer-based recording system.

The built-in expression pedal allows control over effect parameters in real time. Standard effects such as wah, pitch, and volume control are included, but you can also opt to adjust drive gain, modulation rate, delay/reverb mix level, and other parameters. Up to four parameters can be assigned to a single pedal, allowing dramatic techniques such as raising the chorus, delay, and reverb at the same time.

G7.1ut - Guitar Console (Tube, USB + Exp Pedal)

32-bit processing, 96kHz sampling rate
24-Bit A/D, D/A converters
Tube Energizer with real tube
Ultra wide frequency response: 20Hz 40kHz
Built-in expression pedal
Tube Energizer Function for drive and volume
USB Audio interface
Steinberg Cubase LE software bundled & Remote Patch Editor available