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Cheap Zoom G9.2tt Guitar Effects Console USB

Zoom G9.2tt Guitar Effects Console USB

Guitar Effects Pedals


G9.2tt - Guitar Console (2 Tubes, 2 Exp. Pedals + USB)

The Lowdown:

Zoom has taken the guitar effects pedal to the next level with the introduction of the new G9.2tt guitar effects console. Incorporating super high resolution with 96kHz sampling, 24-bit A/D/A conversion, two 12AX7 tubes, and the state of the art 32-bit ZFX-3 chip, the G9.2tt combines the best of the digital and analog worlds.

Whether you are after a true vintage tone or fat high-gain sound, you will fnd a choice here. There are 106 effects in 10 modules including modeling that accurately simulates well-known amps and stomp boxes.

The preamp section offers two channels per patch. You can easily select a channel by simple foot switch operation. The amp/drive-model-ing blocks have two dedicated algorithms designed for live playing and direct recording. This lets you bring the same guitar sound that you used during practice or recording right on to the stage.

A new 3D Z-pedal takes performance to the next level by allowing conventional up/down and sideways pedal movement. Assign up to four parameters in each axis of pedal movement for complex sound control patterns.

The G9.2tt features a USB port which allows the unit to function as an audio interface for a computer. Simply plug the pedal into the computer with a USB cable and use the high-quality sound of the G9.2tt in a computer-based recording system.

The analog input section incorporates an Accelerator that can amplify the signal in a tube or a solid-state based circuit. The 12AX7 tube produces fat, sturdy sound that can be mixed with the clear and transparent sound from the solid-state circuit. The tube Energizer section gives body and warmth to the guitar sound.

A separate stomp box, rack-mount effect or other device can be connected to the G9.2tt's effects loop and used as part of a patch. Send/return level as well as on/off status are stored as part of the patch.

32-bit ZFX-3 processor
96kHz sampling rate / 24-Bit A/D/D/A converters
World's fastest patch change speed: 7ms
106 effects / 10 modules
Two 12AX7 tubes for natural overdrive/compression and drive/volume
Dual Expression pedals
3D Z-Pedal allows for multi-dimensional parameter control
USB interface for connecting directly to a computer
Steinberg Cubase LE software bundled
Remote Patch Editor/Librarian available